I am writing my thoughts, experiences. One small decision can change your entire life.
Words are really powerful if you just look deeper the meaning of it you will
actually relate and somehow it inspires you.

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(Himanshu Art Institute)
Best Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts in Delhi, Gurgaon, Vaishali, India.


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He is a business author, consultant and speaker and his client list reads like an international
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Pratap K. Pothen
Indian actor,director,writer & producer


Other Quotes

“Trying to express yourself is more powerful than trying to be the best.” (Steeven Shaw)

“The simplest things are sometimes more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” (Steeven Shaw)

“Sometimes stories are too long and hard to tell. That’s why Photography exists.” (Steeven Shaw)

“Failure, is part of being Successful. Don’t worry!” (Steeven Shaw)

“I don’t believe in talent but hard work, personal stories, struggle, feelings, determination, and mental strength” (Steeven Shaw)

“Never compare someone’s story with others. We didn’t grow up the same way.” (Steeven Shaw)

“Photography equipment is about Image Quality. The result depends on Hardwork, Emotions, Life Stories and Imagination.” (Steeven Shaw)

“Behind every talented person there is a painful story.” (Steeven Shaw)


“When you think about the wasted time, you waste your time again.” (Steeven Shaw)

“People who feel pain, that’s common. Someone who uses pain to create, this is an Artist” (Steeven Shaw)

“One of the hardest things in life is to have words we want to say but for many reasons we have to keep these words deep down in our soul
and sometimes, we have to find another way to spread our message.” (Steeven Shaw)


“The key to open the door to your happiness is in your hand and not with someone else.” (Steeven Shaw)

“People can copy many things, but will never be able to copy your feelings and the way you see life.” (Steeven Shaw)

“A picture is a personal diary where only the artist knows the meaning.” (Steeven Shaw)


“There’s a difference between, don’t see and to refuse to see.” (Steeven Shaw)

“Only an Artist can deeply understand an Artist.” (Steeven Shaw)

“When you see a water droplet, i see an ocean” (Steeven Shaw)

“There is only one true master of your emotions, you.” (Steeven Shaw)


“Everyone has experienced a different story in life, this is why some people don’t agree with certain opinions.” (Steeven Shaw)

“Emotions have no limits.” (Steeven Shaw)


“In many cases, Music is the answer.” (Steeven Shaw)

“It’s sad for people to judge so quickly. You will miss a lot.” (Steeven Shaw)

” Le passé, Le présent et l’avenir se superposent et se croisent” (Steeven Shaw)