Born in Mauritius, Roches-Brunes.

Self-Taught Fine Art Photographer with more than 15 years of experience. Drawing since Nov 2019 and worked for more than 25 French Fashion Agencies for 8 years. I’m also a Web Developer/Security.

I want to share the importance of Art in my life, when at the early age of six years old, I tragically lost my dad in a motorcycle accident, which had a huge impact. Losing a parent is losing a part of you and that’s very painful. Being a child made it especially hard and devastating. I also lost my best friend and other people who were close to me.

I was bullied and many other things that I can’t tell including haters when you work hard to achieve your goals. I went through a divorce and lost my Dog in an accident days after, we have all been through a breakup or two, but divorce is different and much harder for some people.

I like to express myself through Art and Portrait Photography of the simple things in life and animals, but also everyday people. I also write the story of my own life using Art/Photography which I can’t express with words.

“One of the hardest things in life is to have words we want to say. But for many reasons, we have to keep these words deep down in our soul and sometimes we need to find another way to spread our message.”

“Trying to express yourself is more powerful than trying to be the best.” (Steeven Shaw)
“Sometimes stories are too long and hard to tell. That’s why Photography exists.” (Steeven Shaw)

I love Genealogy
My ancestors come from (Scotland, Morayshire).
My 4th Great Grandfather (Alexander Shaw), came to Mauritius in the 1800s.

I speak French, Créole, and English
I love Psychology and also write Quotes about life experiences.
Radio DJ/Vocalist (First Mauritian DJ on Popular radio www.DI.fm) Trance & Tribal House Dj from 1998 to 2010.


I do the maximum to express myself in different kinds of Art forms.  This is a way for me to write the story of my life using things I can´t tell with words.  I am writing my thoughts and experiences. Everyone has their own point of view and it’s your choice to accept it or not. The key is in your hand not with others, think twice before you decide. What if you fail? Get up, try again. If you don’t like it then don’t do it, do something else.

Drawing – Self-Taught, started drawing in November 2019

My Drawings Here: www.SteevenShaw.com/drawing

Comment from Friend & Photographer of Chester Bennington!  ✍

Thank you! 🙏

Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our life

Don’t be afraid to try something new: If you don’t like it then try something else. Critics are everywhere, but you are the only one who can make the best choice possible.

Photography is an Art: The Art of doing something that captures Emotion. An Emotion that can make people feel what they never felt before. The little thing that touches your heart deeply. It’s one of the best ways to write a story about things that cannot be told in words. Your eyes are the real lenses of your camera controlled by your mind.

1) Believe in what you do.
Nothing more important than to believe in yourself. Once you believe, no one will be able to stop you but yourself.

2) Do it with your Heart & Mind.
What could be more beautiful than using your heart to do something! But to be strong we must also use our minds.

Some of the most beautiful things in life, are born from extreme pain.. 🖤

3) Learn from mistakes.
We all make mistakes. But the more important is to learn and avoid repeating the same mistakes all over again.

The simplest things are sometimes more powerful than you can possibly imagine. (Steeven Shaw)

Basically, everything starts with curiosity: If you are curious enough, everything will happen by itself. Breaking the rules is actually one of the most important things about being self-taught. If you have a combination of special talents, skills, and experiences that no one else in this world has, use them to express yourself and help others. This is what creates true happiness.

The Eye Of The Artist:
It’s always important to know what kind of images can be Black and White or Color.


Ex Dj, Trance/Tribal House (Favorite Music Style: Trance, Tribal House..)
The First Mauritian DJ on the Popular Radio www.DI.fm (1998-2010)
DJ Name: Jk Shaw/Dj Linux

I also listen to:
Slow Rock, Hard Rock, Reggae, RnB, Oldies, Slow,
Chill Out, Chill StepDubStep, Drum n Bass, and more…

What Makes Me Who I Am

My Dad and Life. A Hero, My Hero.
I Dedicate all my Work/ArtWork to my dad only.
Thanks for what you’ve done for the Family.
The world needs more people like you. (R.I.P – 1993)

“Most people don’t realize how deep life really is, they just think we live, learn, then die.”

Duke, Forever in my Heart!