The Success Indicator (Worth To Share!)


This chart was inspired and composed after meeting and working with some of the smartest, most successful entrepreneurs in the world. (MaryEllen Tribby)

Think Twice!

Successful People
Have a sense of gratitude, Forgive others, Accept responsibility for their failures, Compliment, Read everyday, Keep a journal, Talk about ideas, Want others to succeed, Share information and data, Keep a “to-be” list, Exude joy, Keep a “to-do/project” list, Set goals and develop life plans, Embrace change, Continuously learn, Give other people credit for their victories, Operate from a transformational perspective.

Unsuccessful People
Have a sense of entitlement, Hold a grudge, Blame others for their failures, Criticize, Watch TV everyday, Say they keep a journal but really don’t, Talk about people, Secretly hope others fail, Horde information and data, Don’t know what they want to be, Exude anger, Fly by their seat of their pants, Never set goals, Think they know it all, Fear change, Take all the credit of their victories, Operate from a transactional perspective.