My name is Steeven Shaw, born in Mauritius, Roches-Brunes.
I’m a Fine Art Photographer and also Web Security for some
international companies about security issues and create Websites.

I love Psychology and also write Quotes about life experience.
Radio DJ/Vocalist (First Mauritian DJ on Popular radio www.DI.fm)
Trance & Tribal House Dj Since 1998 to 2010.

I’m a Self-Taught and I have more than 15 years of experience in the
field of Fine Art Photography. My wife also participate with me as the model,
which makes my photography more emotional. My work has been shown
in several Articles.

CEO/Founder: Creafidis – Web Development & Security

Website: www.Creafidis.com

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What is Creativity (In my Opinion)?

It’s a combination of Hard Work, Curiosity, Determination, Patience, Uniqueness, Life Stories, Emotions,
Experiences, Mistakes and Psychology. These things makes Powerful Results when you want to do anything in life!


I would like to briefly share one of my stories with you to tell the importance of Art/Photography in my life. At the age of 6, I tragically lost my dad in a motorcycle accident, which had a huge impact on me. Losing parents is losing a part of you and that’s very painful. Being a child made it specially hard and devastating. You need to fight and overcome every moment or stages in your life to stay strong. I also lost my best friend and other people. But i decided to fight because there are worse things in life than losing someone.

A Sad Story With A Happy Ending
Photography changed my life and I notice a positive change and surroundings. I’m very strong minded now and it helps me to express myself clearly, with the help of my wife as the model. We work hard together on the photography project since years without any team. I love to use natural light.

I do the maximum to express myself in many different kind of Art form with my own Imagination, Creativity, Emotions and Vision through life.  This is a way for me to write the story of my life using things I can´t tell with words.  I am writing my thoughts, experiences and don’t want to force people to believe in what I say. Everyone has their own point of view and it’s your choice to accept it or not. The key is in your hand not with others, think twice before you decide. What if you fail? Get up, try again. If you don’t like it then don’t do it, do something else.

One of the hardest things in life is to have words we want to say but for many reasons we have to keep these words deep down in our soul and sometimes, we have to find another way to spread our message.


(The Art Of Capturing Emotion)
Interview, Truly Inspiring – Self-taught Mauritian Artist Steeven Shaw
shares how Photography changed his life and his three best tips.

(The Art Of Capturing Emotion by Steeven Shaw)commentsThanks to these people!
Positive Words Mean A Lot To Me!

linesMy words about Talent and Creativity, based on my Experiences :


My personal experiences to be successful: You have to learn about yourself first. Age is just a number, young is an attitude so learning is unlimited. Life is hard but if we know who we are and what is our mission in life then we can easily progress to pursue our dreams. Every obstacle is an opportunity, every negative has a positive next to it.

Since i started Photography, I’ve got many Constructive and Unconstructive comments from people who wanted to put me down. Most of the time, these people were not Creative at all and others simply jealous! They will find it very hard to congratulate you on your success and will try to put you down in front of others accompanied with negative energy.

“Never Judge or Underestimate people who are determinate and have
the ability to learn quickly. You can regret it later.” (Steeven Shaw)


Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our life then move on2506a3dce6ac8f63b66686df28d119b7

Believe in yourself, be strong and make the difference between negative and positive things.
Some people don’t deserve to be in your life. Share your work on popular photography websites to learn more
and to know your Real Potential. Personally if you only share on facebook you will never learn more!

Anyone can start doing Photography/Music/Painting/Singing at any age if the person believe
and put heart into it! Learning is unlimited.

Real True and Authentic Artists are GeniusesDon’t be afraid to try something new: If you don’t like it then try something else. Critics are
everywhere, but you are the only one who can make the best-choice possible. Some people will always
hate you for nothing, they don’t deserve to be in your life anyway. Be yourself and enjoy life to the max!



“Photography equipment is about Image Quality. The result depends
on Hardwork, Emotions, Life Stories and Imagination.” (Steeven Shaw)

My Wife, My Model
A very talented Dancer, Singer, Fine Art Model. She is my soul mate and my partner in all things.
We share the same passion and the same projects. (www.ElleciaShaw.com)


My tips to be successful in Art/Photography etc..
-Too many photographers are obsessed with equipment and not the Art of Photography-

First of all Photography is an Art: The Art of doing something that capture Emotion. An Emotion that can
make people feel what they never felt before. The little thing that touches your heart deeply. It’s one of the best
way to write story about things that cannot be told in words. It’s not just something you hold in your hand to
make you look cool or to shoot everything in front of you. Your eyes are the real lenses of your camera
controlled with your mind.

1) Believe in what you do.
Nothing more important than to believe in yourself. Once you believe, no one will be able to stop you but yourself.

2) Do it with your Heart & Mind.
What could be more beautiful than using your heart to do something!
But to be strong we must also use our mind.

3) Learn from mistakes & listen to powerful artists around the world.
We all make mistakes. But the more important is to avoid repeating same mistakes all over again.
There are some powerful artists and experienced people around the world who never stop learning because
learning is unlimited.

4) Never judge or underestimate someone by their age.
Age is just a number, young is an attitude so learning is unlimited.

5) Make the difference between constructive and unconstructive criticism.
Jealous person will find it very hard to congratulate you on your success! Some people will try to put you down
in front of others accompanied with negative energy. You are the only person who can choose the good and the
bad. The key is in your hand.

Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about negative people. If you have haters, you’re probably doing
something right. Don’t let a small minded person ruin your big dreams!

10 Ways I Sabotaged My Success & How To Avoid Mistakes!
(By Dee Kumar)
10 Ways I Sabotaged My Success And How To Avoid My Mistakes (By Dee Kumar)


Never Let Anyone Stop You or Break The Most Important Thing In Your Life!
Special Thanks To My Wife Who Always Support Me.

© Steeven Shaw

Tips About Photography? I’ll be honest. I still remember years ago when my Photography were “really” Bad!
I started learning more when I realized that most of friends will support even your Photography is
bad, just to make you happy. It’s a good thing, but not if you want to know if you are really good at something!

If you want to know your Real Potential don’t be blind with number of likes by random
people on Facebook, also based on number of friends you have. Believe in yourself and share your
pictures on Genuine Photography Websites/Forums,  Then you will have the right answers!

The Key Is In Your Hand!


“The simplest things are sometimes more
powerful than you can possibly imagine.” (Steeven Shaw)


Basically everything starts with curiosity: If you are curious enough, everything will happens by itself.
Breaking the rules, that is actually one of the most important things at being self-taught. If you have a
combination of special talents, skills and experiences that no one else in this world has, use them to express
yourself and help others. This is what creates true happiness.

The Eye Of The Artist: It’s always important to know how to know what kind of images can be Black and
White or Color. What image will be more Emotional and Powerful.



This picture perfectly describes me and my Photography
(Stop following the crowd and find yourself!)



..:: MUSIC ::..
jkshaw Ex Dj, Trance/Tribal House
Favorite Music Style: , Trance, Tribal House..

The First Mauritian DJ on the Popular Radio www.DI.fm (1998-2010)
DJ Name: Jk Shaw/Dj Linux

I also listen to:
Slow Rock, Hard Rock, Reggae, RnB, Oldies, Slow,
Chill Out, Chill StepDubStep, Drum n Bass and more…


What Makes Me Who I Am


My Dad and Life.

An Hero, My Hero.

I Dedicate all my Work/ArtWork to my dad only.
Thanks for what you’ve done for Family.
The world needs more people like you.
(R.I.P – 1993)

“Most people don’t realize how deep life really is, they just think we live, learn, then die.”



Respect To The Person Who Created This Chart
People-3Think Twice!
Download High Resolution

“This chart was inspired and composed after meeting and working
with some of the smartest, most successful entrepreneurs in the world.” (MaryEllen Tribby)

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. (George Bernard Shaw) linesGrades Don’t Define Intelligence & Age Doesn’t Define Maturity

Being Self-Taught is the best way to describe Intelligence because we use our Imagination more than others. In School or University every students learn the Same Things. I might be wrong, but judging by the number of Art students failing to find work after graduation, it seems that sadly it is still the case. I always liked to explore, figure out how things work and learn by myself.

Most successful people are self-taught for example Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Robert Frost, Steven Spielberg, Wilbur Wright, Thomas Alva Edison..  More: http://www.autodidactic.com/profiles/profiles.htm


A Videos I Made About Mona Lisa

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